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About Grape

Grape is the result of an extensive R&D project, aimed at improving corporate communication.

Developed in partnership with the Austrian Foundation of Artificial Intelligence. (ÖFAI) 

In cooperation with SBA, a leading research center focused exclusively on Information Security (SBA) 

Conducted a large PcW study on Unified Messaging and corporate communication in Europe. 

Patents in data-integration and indexing of third-party databases, as well as natural-language-processing. 

The Grape Team 

Grape is an Austrian Tech-Startup from Vienna, consisting of a development- and a sales- and marketing-team. Our mission is to solve complex business problems with elegant, intuitive solutions. Our indexAPI search engine processes millions of datasets every day and allows people to search their business faster and easier than ever before.  

Explore Working at Grape

Executive Team

Our team consists of professionals based in 6 countries that worked for companies like Google, Yandex, Mindmeister, OnePlus and many more.  


  • Betaworks - Twitter, Product Hunt, etc.
  • Josh Miller - Director of Product, White House
  • AC & Friends - European Seed Fund

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