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The Atlassian Suite messenger you always wanted

The deepest integrated secure communication solution for Tools like Jira, Confluence, Crowd and many more.

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Be aligned

We partnered with Platinum Atlassian Partners, to reimagine the way modern communication should happen across the world's best Dev Ops Suite.

Be efficient

Grape connects with all Atlassian products, allowing for a swift and easy communication across knowledge bases, code repositories and issue trackers.

Be secure

You are in charge of the environment. Host Grape in the hyper-secure Eurocloud, your own data center or across multiple data centers with our S100 cluster solution.

Be mobile

Access and search your repositories from anywhere with our mobile supported patented Grape Search on our always-in-synch iOS and Android apps.


Message and search across your Jira projects

Grape lives inside your Jira tickets. This allows you to have real time conversations, without leaving your project management tool. Jira watchers are added to Grape, so you don't have to manage your members on both tools. You can pin all important messages for Jira.  That way you'll keep everyone aligned around announcements and decisions. Pretty neat, right?

More on our embed feature

Did you ever want to search across your repositories and share issues with others? With Grape you can press one button to access all connected Jira databases. This allows you to open or share them without switching between tabs. With Grape, Searching becomes one less thing to worry about!

More on our Grape Search


Chat and search across you knowledge base

Our Confluence integration allows you to chat from any knowledge base article. Stay organized in real time, whenever you need to discuss changes with your team.

More on embedded chats

Did you ever have a conversation in which you needed to refer someone to your knowledge base? Our Grape Search allows you to search and refer users to any Confluence article with the click of a button. Less repeating yourself, more time to get stuff done!

About our Grape Search feature


Manage your Grape users via Crowd

When we say, that we want to create the Atlassian Messenger you deserve, we really mean it. If you use Crowd to handle your users, Grape comes with a fully functional Crowd connector. This allows you to integrate the messenger into your Atlassian Suite.
New users, old users, inactive users, bold users, everybody stays in synch with your favourite messenger! Members can log in with the same credentials they use for Jira, Confluence, etc.


Import your Hipchat data into Grape

If you are among the people that had to leave their trusted on-premises chat behind, Grape is here to rescue you. We have a complete full-fletched Hipchat importer! So just continue where you have left off.

Upgrade your team to Grape and you will never look back*.

*And if you ever do, let us know! Maybe we find a way, to build it into Grape :)


Get your codebase into your chat

With our Bitbucket integration you can search your Tickets right from the chat and reference them from any conversation. A simple click on the #-key allows you to open our Grape Search engine from any device. Your full codebase is accessible from your office desk, the tram or the passenger seat of a NASCAR-race. Sky is the limit! (Until we have internet in space - then Milky Way's the limit!)


Your favorite KANBAN-Board connected with Grape

Trello is one of the coolest and simplest product management tools on the market. Anybody can start using it within seconds, making it one of the most commonly known products of its time. Grape allows you to send important updates to conversations of your choice. Keep everybody up to speed on what has changed across your projects. 

With our Grape Search integration you can browse all your Trello boards from Grape and share them with your team. Making your agile workflows even more agile.

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Communicate securely across all tools, devices and departments

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Some of the largest Atlassian users trust in our system to get amazing work done and help us improve our integrations every day.


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Working with experienced Partners to create new communication layers

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