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Our vision of Professional Harmony
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Our vision of Professional Harmony

10th April, 2014

It was around fall of 490 BC when a young Greek named Pheidippides sprinted down the empty streets of Athens. He entered through the gates of the grand palace and gasped his last and famous words,“We have won”, as he collapsed on the marmoreal floor. The Greek army had just defeated the Persians on the Battle of Marathon, prompting Pheidippides to set the distance for the world’s most famous long distance running discipline.

In ancient Greece communication could, quite literally, kill you.

Nowadays, even though the effort of communication is rarely a life-or-death scenario anymore, it’s still one of the most important factors of success the moment a group of people rely on each other. This goes for the strongest football players, most virtuous classical musicians as much as for the smartest brains of the tech-industry – they can only achieve the most if they are in “professional harmony”.

“Professional harmony is what we aim for.”

ChatGrape is designed to keep distributed, versatile companies in professional harmony while minimizing the actual need to spend time on communication and free up focus on getting things done instead. We achieve this by following three principles:

  • Less is more.
  • Integrate with everything.
  • Openness and flexibility is key.

Less communication is more

A team’s biggest strength is also its biggest challenge: The diversity of the staff.
It’s the difference between introverts and the extroverts, the Wozniaks and Steve Jobs, that make an agile and strong company. Some check their mails every two minutes, some need to be completely undistracted for hours to create the best output.

While most communication software sends out bulks of notifications to your cell phone, inbox and desktop, ChatGrape can stay out of your way and update you later with smart, automated summaries.

In collaboration with the lab-coat wearing scientists at the Research Studios Austria (RSA) we’ve developed a set of algorithms that label and collect important information automatically. This allows us to create clear roundups and empowers you to leave the conversation whenever you like to focus on your work.


Integrate with everything

A company’s information is distributed over countless external services, databases and files. Almost every employee spends hours every week looking up data during conversations. Whenever he checks his calendar for appointments, asks something about the latest ticket from the issue tracker or points you to a document he needs feedback on, he spends time looking for something, he already knows, is there.

We call this time consumer “The Lookup-factor” and our aim is to eliminate it in its entirely.

ChatGrape meshes your services into its DNA which allows you to:

  1. Monitor – Receive a notification about every event (e.g.: a file upload, customer signup or server crash) inside your company within ChatGrape the moment it happens.
  2. Search – Search all files of your business in one place: Connect your external services and file storages like Google Drive and let the built-in search engine do the magic.
  3. Reference – Attach your content as you type with our intelligent autocomplete. See tomorrows appointments while arranging a meeting, reference issues from GitHub, available within reach when you need it.

Openness and flexibility

Every company is different and requirements are constantly changing. Creating a transparent and accessible solution, instead of an unmodifiable blackbox. Allowing developers to improve and alternate ChatGrape to specific needs is the best way to offer every customer the product they desire, while giving us the freedom to focus on ChatGrape’s core competences.

This is only possibly by offering an extensive API early on, that allows you to use the same backend service interoperability that our own developers are using and by open sourcing a huge amount of ChatGrape when entering the Beta Phase to outpace our competitors and to cross-fertilize other people’s projects with our own work.

These three principles are our foundation on which we build to make ChatGrape the most effective communication solution out there.
We do this, because it needs to be done.

Teams around the world waste too much time with inefficient communication. We want them to have more time at hand for the real tasks, thus creating a more productive and fulfilling work environment for everybody.

The goal is huge, but our team has the perfect mix of experience and boldness to take on this highly competitive topic and innovate it from the ground up.

While we’re proud about what we’re building, we’re humble enough to say that we don’t have the answers to all the questions yet, but this doesn’t keep us from believing that our approach will serve as the best possible solution utilizing the most of what current, state-of-the-art technology has to offer.

Our Alpha is starting soon and we are encouraging businesses to participate and make their communication slick and efficient.

Sign up here, if you are one of them.

Good communication sets goals that unite and inspire people, enables progress and motivation, it is the foundation for company culture and corporate happiness.

So let’s make some Companies happy!
– Felix Häusler (CEO, ChatGrape)

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