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The future-proof company hub

The future-proof company hub

by Grape
11th August, 2019

Connect all your software and company databases with Grape business communication to make them browsable in one interface.

Everything is connected

With Grape you have the power to choose the right software for your team and integrate your own databases and products. With our Grape Search any information can be accessed right from the chat, connecting all company data in one spot.

More on the Grape Search

Grape is a complementary product, designed to cater to your software strategy. We are capable of integrating almost any software product with our IndexAPI. This brings you more than one advantage.

  • All departments in one place No matter if it’s the heavy weight IT software or the newest marketing tools, at Grape every employee is finally connected.
  • Modernize old databases Old databases your company can’t do without, but with an antiquated interface? Connect it with Grape to give it a modern interface.
  • Re-unite multiple file systems Most enterprises run different filesystems. With Grape you can finally make all files searchable in one interface again.
  • Try out more software Why settle for the first product? Start trials, connect the software with Grape and see what fits best.
  • Make your company mobile-ready Find all the connected software on our powerful mobile apps. Access fileservers, company software, etc. while on the go.
  • Allow overlapping solutions Why use one task management system for all departments? With Grape they will all be accessible in one interface.

Integration Examples

These are some solutions we integrated for our customers.

Microsoft Sharepoint

is better integrated in Grape than in many competitive Microsoft communication Solutions.

Atlassian’s JIRA

is as well integrated in Grape as in its own chat software.

IBM Notes

files are seemlessly integrated in the Grape interface.

Google Drive

We made all files searchable right as you type (which Google’s chat software, hangout, does not).

All our features

An agile core system for your company

At Grape we will always integrate external software as well as our own products. We believe that the right technology is a driving factor in the performance of a business. That’s why it is imperative that your communication software empowers you to use the solutions you want.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution or get locked in an all-in-one software that tries to solve everything at once. Grape is in the sweet spot of sustainable software strategies. We focus on one thing only: Giving your team superpowers by connecting your data with your communcation. With Grape at the core you can use anything you want – the right way.

Heavyweight Software (Suboptimal)

 “Buy Everything from us.”

Big license bundles • Constant upselling • 50% of software only partly adopted by customers • Badly runs with software from other providers

Silo Software (Suboptimal)

“Use different software for everything.”

Single-purpose philosophy • Every app just does one thing • Mediocre interconnectivity • Not enterprise ready

Sustainable Software (OPTIMAL) 

“Use anything you like, we will integrate it properly into your communication.”

Highly customizable • Lightweight • Powerful API to integrate any software • Out-of-the-box integration solutions

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