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Grape Scrum Report: Brainloop & Leakage Prevention

Grape Scrum Report: Brainloop & Leakage Prevention

by Riccardo Salzer
4th September, 2018

At Grape our developer team makes use out of Scrum to make the most out of their efforts. In the future we will give regular updates about our progress.

  • Brainloop Integration

Brainloop is among the market leaders for cloud-based solutions that support a secure collaboration with confidential documents. 70% of DAX companies use and trust Brainloop – that’s why Grape made an effort to offer a business integration for this essential tool. When you press the “#”-key within the Grape Messenger you access the highly functional Grape Search. From the Grape Search bar you can browse through Brainloop and have direct access to all of your documents, which you can send and add to the Grape-Chat.

With the “#”-key Grape Users can access the Grape Search, where you can directly access and send your Brainloop document within the Grape Chat.

  • Data Leakage Prevention

Attachments that have been sent in one of the Grape Groups could be accessed from non-group members due to their unique URLs. Even though non-group members would never be able to get a hold of the unique URL directly, it would have been hypothetically possible for the URL to be distributed via E-Mail or Copy & Paste. We eliminated this security vulnerability successfully! Now a countercheck is in place that makes sure that the User that wants to access the data is actually a member of the responding group.

  • Upcoming: our Hipchat-Importer is nearly ready

The upcoming Scrum-Sprint is finalizing our Hipchat Importer, which makes it possible for Hipchat-customers to transfer and migrate their complete Chat-data set to Grape. Grape supports the whole spectrum of the different Hipchat solutions, such as the Hipchat Cloud, the Hipchat Server as well as the Hipchat Datacenter. Hipchat-customers can already contact us now in order to start planning the implementation (Mail: sales@chatgrape.com, Tel.: +43-680-2205255).

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featured image “Scrum”: Elaine McLaughlin / Shutterstock
Screenshot Brainloop Integration: Grape

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