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Important Announcement – free HD VoIP for all plans and free cloud plans for up to 10 people

Important Announcement – free HD VoIP for all plans and free cloud plans for up to 10 people

3rd March, 2020

Due to new global challenges we've decided to open our "Month of Remote Work" (MORW) with an update to our product line. Come in and try it!

A few months age we shipped our new Grape Call feature to S50 and S100 customers, allowing them to have HD video and crystal clear voice calls as well as hyper fast screensharing.

More on our Grape Call feature

We want you to get more done from wherever you are. That means that Grape can run inside any company software, making business communication finally organised.

The next weeks we want to extend our philosophy by giving you access to your work from any location in the real world. March will be the month of remote work at Grape, where we will dive deeply into methods and tricks so you can be efficient from the comfort of your home.

How to activate Grape Call in your C10 and C20 cloud plans

Simply sign up or log in to your organisation. We will enable Grape Call this Thursday, at 10am CET – simply update your apps, reload your browser or close and open your desktop apps and you are good to go!

As some of you might have to quickly set up a messaging and VoIP system without enough time to get budget confirmation, we've decided to enable a free plan for up to 10 users (+5 integrations), so you can kick off your projects right away.

The Call Button will appear in the top left corner of your chat client.

Stay up to date with our "Month of Remote Work" (MORW)!

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