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Onboarding Guide – Introduction

Onboarding Guide – Introduction

by Grape
1st March, 2020

The beginning of your Team's Journey

The three courses / steps

Industrial sector neutrality

However different the companies and multifaceted the sector specific can be, the communication behavior within companies is very homogeneous, especially for companies whose majority of staff are understoods as white-collars "knowledge workers".

With more than 50 people the patterns of communication are rather similar and these three steps are applicable:


At the beginning of the 3 steps the Stake-holder Method can be applyed to identify people who have the biggest influence on the project success.

In the GRAPE-extension of this Methode we distinguish further between the decision-maker, the Influencer and the Multiplier.

Motivation as a factor of success

Self-explanatory is that intrinsic motivation of each employee is crucial, and not the decree to use a new communication tool.

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Intrinsic motivation is:

“My work gets simplified”, “the usage is fun”, “I get an information advantage”, “I want to be part of it as well”,…

The principles of distribution

  • Stepwise dissemination
  • Reputation of success from previous phase
  • The provision of specific benefits for single users in GRAPE
  • C-level communication in GRAPE
  • Benefits and Promotions
  • „Invented-here“- and expert recipes for optimal communication
  • Follow-Motivation for a wide deployment

This principles will subsequently be explained and put into context


Stakeholder support and monitoring, esp. IT, HR, the Processmanagement

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