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Onboarding Guide - Step 1: "Horsd’œuvre"

Onboarding Guide - Step 1: "Horsd’œuvre"

by Grape
1st March, 2020

Build up an engaged core team

The best way to get on with Grape is to follow these principles:

  1. A core team will be needed in which all users cover 90% of all conversation partners (= inside closeness).
  2. A group of "Early Adopters" for instance a department, a friendly group inside an organisation, or similar, should take side with an “Innovator” who assures that the product works well and finds daily deployment.
  3. All group members commit themselves, especially during the introduction time, to use primarily GRAPE for their virtual communication.
  4. The first implementation finds place in a initial comprehensive meeting.
  5. It is ensured that all participants from the Grape core team are able to use Grape on desktop- and mobile devices.

The power of a core team

The key lies in the core team

  • On average, 2.5% of the company employees are innovators, who enforce new solutions inside an organisation.
  • 13.5% are “Early Adopters”, who support a change and are keen to test new solutions.

With the following impulses, it can be detected if the Product finds a good acceptance.

The establishment of a Support-Team

  • Definition of a Support-Team, should most optimally consist of represenatives from: responsible managers or executives, HR (for embedding of the onboarding process into the general company's cultural work, by safeguarding the support of C-Levels and if applicable according to the employee representation), IT (to ensure the technical implementation and the User-Support), furthermore - if there is one - an internal process (ie. responisble for processoptimisation within the organisation).
  • Regular Jour Fixe of the Support-Team to analyse the progress of the onboarding and optimising it. Especially for the establishment of an internal Cookbook (enabling the creation of recipes = for example report about cases for wich GRAPE is used in a company).

Build engagement

To make the solution for first-time-user attractive it helps to work towards the following premises:

  • “I have the feeling that with GRAPE, I can easily reach out to my colleagues” (= and that they quickly reply in an appropriate way.)
  • I find content on GRAPE, that I was not able to / could hardly find with normal / previous procedures” (= create content, share links, doing daily stand-ups in the chat, etc.)
  • “My colleagues are interested and respond to my inputs” (= confirmation of colleagues, in privat or offical project rooms.)
  • “I'm easy to use GRAPE on the devices” (= Especially with the less technophilic employees to personally ensure that they understand basic functions on their computers and mobile devices.)

Task of the Support-Team at the end of step 1

  • The Support-Team, together with particularly motivated participants from the core team, prepares the second step. If the users themselves show their motivation to a next user group, then the adaptation success is the greatest.
  • Selection of the next area within the organisation that gets onboarding.
  • In most cases, the Support-Team also establishes the relationship with the next executives involved in order to instruct them before the beginning of Step 2.

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