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Onboarding Guide – Step 2 "Main Course"

Onboarding Guide – Step 2 "Main Course"

by Grape
1st March, 2020

Plan of procedure

Stakeholders engagement, especially IT, HR, Processmanagement

Change to GRAPE on a project-by-project basis

Certain projects or initiatives can be directly adopted with all relevant content into the project:

  • Main coordination is relocated into one GRAPE room (ie. "Innovation Project 2019", "Social Media campaign in May", etc.) and all employees are invited.
  • Service Integrations are linked to the project room (file search, project management tool, calendar, etc.)
  • Regular Updates (preferably daily) are shared by all users in the room by short messages.
  • Links and official news should be found in this project room.

Routine drives engagement

  • Regular reoccurring events in Chat (Team Standup, Jour Fixe, etc.)
  • Automated messages should be posted (lunch menus, weather forecast, social media user ammount).
  • Establish and push “Too short for Email”-Rule: if it can be expressed in less than 8 sentences then the Messenger is the best Medium for it.
  • Set up and maintain information collection points: Link collections, competition reports, Room for Ideas, Joke collection, Funny Cats Pictures, etc.)
  • “For each Project a room”: the better companies projects are being mapped virtually the more easier it becomes for new-comers to find their way within the service.
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The power of words

Use  slogans such “Could you GRAPE me this” (like as “could you mail me this”) for a few weeks long.

If these expression becomes part of the corporate language the committment to GRAPE and engagement therein rises strongly.

Department wide change to GRAPE

Departments with less then 50 employees often composed of enough “Innovators” and “Early Adopters” can make an organisation-wide switch to GRAPE immediately. This functions well for example for technical departments and social media teams:

  1. Define a transitional phase (in wich all users register to GRAPE on their desktop- and mobile devices.)
  2. Important Software are incorporated in the chat (ie. databases, service activities, etc.).
  3. Establish routine (see next point).
  4. Observe adaption and regularly collect feedback.

Proposals for possible rooms and deployments

  • Jour fixes / Team Standup
  • How are technical problems reported? (Ticketing)
  • How to arrange with colleagues for lunch?
  • How are ideas and reports collected?
  • Social media monitoring?
  • How are new developments communicated on company wide level?
  • is there a “Wall of Success”?
  • How system improvements could be suggested?
  • How are the satisfaction of teams being surveyed?

Sequence details

Optimal throughput time: 2 months

Month 1

Kickoff through a Grapeday for the department that is being onboarded. Presentation of the cookbook with the first recipes of the core team from step 1 as well as external recipes of GRAPE experts.

Process of a Grapedays (max 3 hour duration)

  • Greeting through responsible manager or C-level: Make public clarification that the application of GRAPE is intendend.
  • Motivational impuls from a person stemming from the core team (stepp 1): „How did we experience the onboarding and what advantages do we now have". The core team tenders to monitor the affected department.
  • Playfull introduction into use cases at different workplaces and on work-smartphones of participants from the new department.
  • GRAPE Experts provide an outlook on Experts´ recipes.
  • Get together with a small buffet
  • Workshop about the process
  • First C-level interaction

Month 2

  • Attendance of core team representative at workplace of the affected new devision. Open discussion about first experience and support for open questions.
  • Further C-Level interactions.
  • Assistance by the Support-Team for preparating recipes within the new devision.
  • Feedback-room within GRAPE for findings and wishes in regard to GRAPE coming from the new devision, presentation of new recipes that were generated within the division.

Grape Day

conceived to be an internal 3h presentation for all users where:

  • The core team speakes about their own experience with GRAPE
  • Recipes are being represented
  • Keynote presentations about digital transformation
  • Playfull onboarding of users.

(Reference example: BFI Wien „Digi-Days“)

Process workshop

With a small specialist group that developes a new recipe or applies an existing recipes on immediate work process of the company, thereby optimising such a work process.

On the same day the team should record this „new recipe“ and bring it into the cookbook.

Cookbook & recipes

Cookbook: A GRAPE website or an intranet website that shows and describes recipes. This should contain examples of benefical use cases of GRAPE, on one side offered by GRAPE Experts, from other companies - in case they were approved for public sharing - and from the company itself that have been and are being developed in the process.

Recipe: A 30sec-60 second video with a "Cook that shows a usage case of GRAPE, presents it an explains its benefits. Format: Double screen (person and screencast).

C-level interaction

To increase the user loyality, informationby the management board should flow only through this channel. What previously happend through the use of a common mail should be sent with GRAPE from now on. Ideally the managemnet should have a daily influence on the group interaction, at least once a week, or promptly react to reqests within a few hours. For some companies own arrangments needed to be set "for example support through an office asstistant or the PR-department".

Important is that authenticity is preserved and that employees understenad that the content within the GRAPE communication channel is highly valuable. In the case of some companies the usage of this communication channel had a carrer-promoting funtionality for lower level management. Hence the middle level management should also be informed, trained and be engaged during the onboarding process.

Opportunities for managed communication

Such an occasion could be:

  • Votings,
  • Surveys,
  • Competions,
  • Parts of KVP or
  • Open Innovation as call for tender.

As we have made proposals during the first step, the kinde of rooms or subject should be addressed, here it is about bigger communication projects that involve a wider bulk of employees.

Duties of side team for completion of step 2

  • The Support-Team prepares the onboarding for the whole company together with motivated members from the core team and members of the new department.
  • It is important to have a meeting with all involved managers of the company to clarify possible resistance or doubts or to encounter any particular technical preparation needed.
  • Warning: Upon the introduction of new digital tools like GRAPE general questions about coroprate culture turn out to be particularly relevant: confidence working time, usage of privat smartphones, remote-working-arrangments and/or labor law questions. These challenges also need to be treated as to inpede a delay of the onboarding due to a project scope that is to wide. In this case the HR department has a pivotal role in the delimitation and adoption of open questions during work that arise outside of the onboarding process.

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