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Onboarding Guide โ€“ Step 3: "Dessert"

Onboarding Guide โ€“ Step 3: "Dessert"

by Grape
1st March, 2020

The final spurt of introduction

A corporate-wide communication shall make it clear that a company-wide change to GRAPE as the leading company communication tool will take place.

To organise a Grapeday for all employees. If this is not possible, spread videos and explanatory content from previous  Grapedays already held throughout the company.

On the occasion for the solution roll out, there will be new tools implemented in addition to the ones presented in step 2 (see on next pages).

Used tools

Technical precautions

with the support of the IT Department, the Email-System should send out automatic responses to especially short messages that point to the usage of GRAPE.


Trough a casual verbal communication of employees and the stories of success from divisions that already deployed GRAPE, a positive expectation can be created and a higher acceptance for the whole-Rollout ensured. The Support-Team can absorb these multiplicators and promote the change.

Follow Effect

Especially through the communication with the C-Level arises a general desire to be part of that communication. In many Projects there exists a flip switch effect: after initial skepticism has passed a organisational tipping point is reached where the desire of fast Onboarding from the remaining employees emerges.  When this happens, fast action is required.


In all organisations subsist individual people who need an individual approach in enabling them to use GRAPE. The obstacles for adaption and use could be on an application-technical or even be of an emotional nature (ie. an attachement to the existing communication enviroment). The appropriate instruments are: (Revers-)Mentoring and personal meetings with the support by HR individuals.


While traversing all these steps, a special attention must relay on the prevention of "dropout users". These are persons that originally used GRAPE but stoped at a given point. The analysis of the reasons for stopped usage are essential to recognize early Fatigue-Tendencies that could potentially spread to other co-workers. Appropriate countermovies to mitigate such patterns are the tools described in step 1 and 2.

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