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Spam still makes up over 50% of all emails in your Inbox

Spam still makes up over 50% of all emails in your Inbox

by Mariana Jörg
28th December, 2015

According to the most recent Global Spam report, conducted by Symantec, email spam is still alive and well. While we’ve seen a huge drop of over 20% in the last years in email spam, automated unassociated emails still make up 52.2% of the average email inbox.

About the Study

Security Power-House Symantec is one of the biggest players in cybersecurity. It currently monitors threat activity in more than 150 countries, tracking automated attacks via malware, social media or email as well as targeted attacks (“Spear-Phishing Attacks”). With over 57 Million sensors they record thousands of black hat activity in the world wide web. Their reports are released every quarter of the year and are one of the must-reads if you want to get a thorough overview on current cyber threats.

Email Spam

We at Grape are passionate about focus at work. We pay extra attention to the email spam statistics, as they affect productivity in almost every company around the world. Here are the current email statistics in regards of email spam.

Global Spam at 52.2%

 While we advise enterprises in the effective use of Grape for internal communication, we think that emails will exist for years to come when it comes to external communication. We hope that Symantec and the likes will be successful in their long-term goal of eliminating email spam and will keep you updated on new developments on this old-but-gold medium of communication.  

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