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The incredible Google Drive Integration is here – and you will love it

The incredible Google Drive Integration is here – and you will love it

12th November, 2014

Getting Google Drive to work inside of ChatGrape and making all your files available within your team communication tool wasn’t an easy task. In fact, it took us a couple of weeks of coding and testing until we figured out exactly how we to get it done.

„Google Drive is something we all work with. I just double-checked and realized, I’ve actually over 2,000 documents, presentations and number sheets in my Drive. No wonder it takes quite some time to locate a specific one. Finally all these files are instantly available where you need them most: directly when you type. “

– Peter Stebe, CEO at NextSociety

What you can do

1.) Reference and attach all your files as you type

It has never been easier to talk about work. Whichever file, document or presentation you want to share with your co-workers, everything is instantly available within your chat – using ChatGrape’s smart auto-complete. Simply type #filename to reference or attach any file in your G-Drive. Furthermore and if you’ve connected many other services but want to include Google Drive files only, type #drive:filename

2.) See what files your co-workers are working on

See what’s going on in your team, company or department with one glance. Select the room where you want the updates to be displayed to and always stay in the loop if someone

  • creates a new document,
  • comments within a document,
  • replies to a comment within a document,
  • edits a document,
  • and much more…

3.) Search and jump to your folders from within ChatGrape

We are in the middle of transforming our search into a nifty gateway to all your company resources – like Apple spotlight for cloud services. Even tho the transformation is around the corner, you can already navigate to all your Google Drive files over the search bar!

4.) Set the right folders you want to share

Choose the folders that you want to share for maximum security and privacy. Of course, most of us use a corporate Google account for work-related stuff and a private one for everything else. But that does not necessarily mean that you want to share all your notes with everyone else. Thus, we’ve made it possible for you to decide which folders you want to integrate into ChatGrape.

Our Google Drive integration is only one step on a long road, let us know about your ideas, feedback and suggestions via support@chatgrape.com or @chatgrapecom on Twitter!

Want the best Google Drive Integration? – Sign up for ChatGrape here!

Have an awesome day,

Your ChatGrape team

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