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“We can use ChatGrape for that” – 7 Cool ways to improve your team communication

“We can use ChatGrape for that” – 7 Cool ways to improve your team communication

19th August, 2015

There are many things you can do with ChatGrape as your main communication solution. Here are seven things that will either improve team culture or straight-up efficiency.

1- Stay up to date with Service Activities

Before: Email NotificationsYou can receive updates from all the services you are using right inside of ChatGrape. Simply set them up in your integration settings (if you are an admin of your organization) with a click.After selecting a room (e.g. „Development“) you will receive update message every time something changes right inside the Room. We keep ourselves up to date about changes on the servers, issues that have been resolved and documents that have been created. This removes a lot of clutter that you usually have in your emails.If your favorite integration is not yet supported or you have a very specialized solution internally running, you can use our APIs to connect it with our service. Let us know if you want us to help you set an integration up via support@chatgrape.com!

2- Replace Standup Meetings

Before: Standing around in your board room

At ChatGrape we like to keep Meetings to a minimum and have a lean and independent workflow while developing the next big things. That’s why we have a dedicated room in which every team member posts in the morning ..

  • what she/he has a done the day before
  • if they feel like they are in time, behind or need assistance

This system allowed us to keep communication overhead low while maintaining a good oversight of our team’s progress.

3- Manage Lunch

Before: Yelling through the office

The team has to eat! We have a dedicated room so that we don’t disturb our remote developers with posts in which we discuss our local restaurants. This keeps the main room clean and allows us to properly discuss the 

4- Birthday surprises and surprise baby showers

Before: Coordinating prep-meetings

With the private rooms you can quickly coordinate collective actions to surprise one of your team members. This May, when one of our developers, Clemens, got his first son, we gathered in his very own baby shower room and put together a baby box including diapers and onesies full of inside jokes and awesomeness.Don’t ask him about the Ananas.

5- Product Ideas – Icebox 

Before: Task Management System

In our opinion product ideas and product planning should be strictly seperated. Instead of putting them together in GitHub issues you can discuss them in a dedicated room and have the product manager pic the ones he sees fit to put in the upcoming sprints.This creates overview and saves you from the way-too-common task grave.

6- Product Screenshots

Before: Drive Folder

Collect screenshots of your new features every week to keep up with the progress and to have product images at your disposal for folders, blog posts, etc.  

7- GIF Battles

Before: NowhereThe amazing ChatGrape Giphy integration that allows you to browse GIFs right from the chat is generally fun to use in conversations. But you haven’t really used it until you had a GIF-Standoff in a dedicated room. The idea is to always find a GIF to react or answer to the previous one.

  There are a lot more ways to make your work life easier with dedicated chat rooms. Keep following our blog to stay up to date with the – sometimes unexpected – things you can do with the most efficient chat service.  

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