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Vienna City Service Department
Vienna City Service Department - Grape

"Everything, from public transportation, over parking to power plants, works with Grape"

Connecting one of the largest municipal infrastructure service providers in Europe.
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Wiener Stadtwerke is Austria's largest municipal infrastructure service provider and one of the 25 largest companies in Austria. The whole groupe counts thousands of  employees. In order to steer distributed teams and to perfect internal communication, the Wiener Stadtwerke rely on Grape. 

Faster, better, smarter

Vienna is leading world rankings for liveable cities every year. Next to its public housing (allowing for low rent prices throughout Vienna) it is world renown for its amazingly swift infrastructure. Within city borders you can reach almost any area in around 30 minutes – almost all modes of public transportation are clean, fast and ecologically friendly. The energy provider Wien Energie is investing heavily in new technologies, from smart homes to the blockchain, to keep up with all energy-related developments. That's why the people behind these services need to manage them as fast as the U3 Tube.

Connection is key

Traditional communication channels such as E-Mail no longer meet the requirements of large companies
- Rainer Kegel, CIO

The ability to send short, concise messages across the whole company, is one of the key requirements most companies have today. If the workforce is not offered an easy-to-use tool they often opt-in for consumer chats ("Shadow-IT").

Further, security is integral to a large, critical infrastructure company like "Wiener Stadtwerke". Loading data to a cloud outside the EU is out of the question for the large enterprise. With Grape it is possible to continue to secure the data on servers of the internal service provider Wien IT.

Integration is key

Integrating a service like Grape is not done with the software rollout. Many different departments require specific integrations to get more work done. Be it Bot and IoT integrations for collaboration at Wien Energie or the integration of their digital employee management platform.

More on Wien Energie

Or be it the Jira-Integration of Wiener Linien, that assists their workflows by living inside the sidebar.

More on Atlassian

Grape snaps onto any service to ensure perfect communication and collaboration, based on the countless requirements each department brings to the table.


The cooperation between Grape and Wiener Stadtwerke is a success story. Wiener Stadtwerke values ​​the flexibility of the Viennese company. CIO Rainer Kegel praises the support of the team and the can-do attitude towards challenging requirements. 

Grape is a messenger that can be customised to individual needs of large enterprises - one-size-fits-all is so 2010.  

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