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Talk across your dev ops tools to ship faster

Grape is a communication layer you can integrate into your favourite tools to work more efficiently

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Be secure

Host Grape on your own servers or run it in the secure cloud. Trust a EU-messenger that is audited by one of the strongest security companies. 

About our security

Be productive

Grape lives inside your favourite tools, allowing you to collaborate with your team without leaving your monitoring, ticketing or project management tool.

Be organised

Access files, tickets or wiki entries directly from the chat. Add your data via our indexAPI and search through it with the click of the #-key – on mobile or desktop.

Be aligned

Push information via our Bot API, to inform users automatically about server issues, news & process changes – or use it to automatically onboard new developers.

Fully integrated

When we say integration, we mean deeeep integration

Grape is integrated deeper into your systems than any other messenger on the market. Install it in your own server cluster and put it in the sidebars of your favorite tools. From there, you can search anything without having navigate through browsers.

Take our integration with the Atlassian software suite as an example. You can organise your entire realtime communication from your project-management or knowledge-base tool.

More on the Atlassian suite


We provide you with the right tools to get more done

With our patented Grape Search Module you can add a search layer across your connected tools. This eliminates 19% of productivity loss, caused by browsing data across different tools.

The AI Module allows you to create intelligent summaries of all human conversation that happened on the platform. The enginge documents tasks, questions and other information, which you can access with other tools via our API.


Replace redundant tasks with automised workflows

Utilise our Bot API to broadcast information or to create your own machine based workflows. Think user onboarding, incident response, customer handling and much more!

Powerful features for powerful developers

Communicate efficiently and securely with your developers

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