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Connect students across your education resources

Grape is exclusive partner of leading school software providers, reaching around 12.000.000 students.

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Be compliant

Secure your data, with a GDPR-compliant messenger that has a strong track record in the field. Protect teachers and students by hosting it in the EU-cloud or on your own servers.

Be faster

Connect Grape with your education systems, allowing students to communicate around your fileservers, online courses and project management tools.

Be accessible

If you can use modern messengers, you can use Grape - the difference being, that we can integrate all your users automatically and connect with your educational software.

Be informed

Inform students and teachers automatically via Push Notifications, to keep them organised. From emergency messages, to personal schedules, everything can be broadcasted.

Untis Partner

Empowering the best

Grape is official partner of Untis, the European market leader (and his 25.000 schools). We provide the software with a messaging solution that lives inside the tool. The Untis Messenger allows teachers to create virtual classrooms that synchronise students automatically.  This allows teachers to reach them from anywhere.

Embed Grape

Integrate Grape into your student platforms

Use our embedding solution for seamless communication. Connect common systems (like SharePoint) or your own intranet with the Grape interface. Onboard your users into a secure communication environment, that caters to your educational goals.

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Grape Search

Make all data accessible

Our Grape Search module interfaces with your databases. Anyone can access them from the Grape Apps and Desktop solution. Once integrated, everyone can find anything from all devices. Old archive, built in 1984? No problem! Five different Dropbox instances, seven Network drives and one SharePoint file system? We got you covered! Grape means consolidation of communication and data, that's where we shine.

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Powerful features

Communicate securely across all tools, devices and departments.

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Happy customers around the globe

From patient-doctor communication, over hospitals, to health insurances providers - Grape gets more done.

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Implement the most secure and best integrated workflow messenger in the market

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