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AI Engine (NLP)

AI Engine (NLP)

Supported languages
Research partner
OFAI (Austrian Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
WO2017087624A1 & US201562256338P
ML technique
Random forests
c20, s50 (as module), s100

Label everything

Our own patented Grape NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engine analyses conversations in realtime. Do you want to see all questions ever asked in a project? No problem! Interested in tasks your coworker assigned to you? Click-away! With the NLP classifier all conversations become contextually searchable. Choose freely to activate it.

Keep your data

As this is our very own NLP engine, we don't rely on Google, Amazon or Facebook, to provide you with this feature (it can even run on-premises!). Even critical infrastructures and data protected environments can utilise our engine. Their data is save with us.

Connect services

Imagine storing all the tasks, your client communicates to you, in your ticketing systems automatically! With our realtime messaging API you can access labeled messages and create your own knowledge bases or workflows.

Work smarter - with Grape!

Other Features

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