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Embed Chat
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Embed Chat

Main benefits
Productivity, Onboarding
Year of Release
All web based tools and mobile apps
Installation Effort
low - with existing connectors, medium - with new integrations
REST + Frontend API
c10 (as module), c20, s50 (as module), s100

Consolidate communication

Grape comes with state-of-the-art APIs and SDKs. These can be integrated into any software, used by your company. This means, your employees can communicate without leaving the tools they work with.

Centralise channels

Replace comment systems and single-software chats with Grape to eliminate collaboration overhead. All the conversations can be accessed in the desktop, web or mobile apps. You can access all conversations from the different software chats.

Add workflows

You can utilise the Embed Chats to enrich your intranet or any of your software tools (like Jira or Confluence). Embedding adds a realtime messaging feature to the tools of your choice. Enabling you to build strong multi-software workflows. Let your teams chat across CRMs, project management tools, file systems and legacy databases. 

Break down the communication silos. Enable your divisions to talk with each other, wherever they work.

Experience the embed chat inside your Atlassian products!

Other Features

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