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Grape Search

IndexAPI for indexing your data inside Grape, External Grape Search API to connect other search engines with Grape
External Integrations
Wikipedia, Giphy, Youtube, Spotify, etc.
Internal Integrations
SharePoint, Exchange, Jira, Trello, CIFS, etc.
Supported Devices
All Grape Devices
c10 (External Search), c20 (External Search & Elastic Index), s50 (External Search), s100 (External Search & Elastic Index)

Integrated Search

Imagine you could search anything in your company with the click of a button. You can connect almost any software with grape and make it accessible with the click of a button. Users can then either use those search results to navigate to the files or share them inside of Grape.

Mobile support

No matter where they are, users can click the #-key and search internal and external resources in an autocomplete interface. This allows you to make even the oldest legacy databases compatible with your mobile strategies. 

Countless connectors

Grape comes out of the box with some powerful connection of internal and external resources. Examples for internal resources are Microsoft, Atlassian, CIFS, etc. External resources that can be connected are Wikipedia, Giphy, Youtube, etc. and many more. You can index any of your tools with our indexAPI or connect any search engine with out external search API.

Permission handling

Grape only displays infos that your users are allowed to see, ensuring 100% data security and compliance. 

Other Features

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