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c10, c20 (Starting at 250 seats), s20 (Up to 200 Users), s50 (Up to 5000 Users), s100


Emails branch out in all directions, with blind copies, new CCs, side conversations, etc.Messengers always follow one straight line. Each topic, division, project or customer gets one conversation inside of Grape. You can set decisions and goals for every specific channel, and align your team around them.


All your communication is in synch, no matter where you are. Use our native mobile apps to stay up to date on the go. To communicate at the workplace, work with our desktop and web apps.


With Grape we try to provide the same usability you know from common consumer messengers like WhatsApp or Telegram. In other areas we follow a more business-like approach. For example..


Ask anyone that has been part of an active WhatsApp-group – distraction can be quite high. That's why Grape has features in place to help you control the amount of beeps and wrrrs your phone makes during the day. 

  1. Users have to proactively mention people or groups with @ to send a push notification.
  2. You can change the settings for each channel and each device individually. e.g.: "The Offtopic channel can only reach me on my desktop device" or "Mute the Cat picture channel" (cue sad "meow"). 
  3. We give you full control over the different devices you have. Set how long we should wait for you to read an important message on desktop until we forward it via push notification to your mobile device.


Organise your channels by stickying the most important ones to the top of the navigation. Simply hit the ⭐️icon and you wont ever miss out on new messages.

Other Features

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