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Video & Voice Calls

Video & Voice Calls

c10, c20, s20 (as module), s50, s100

Crystal Clear Calls

Grape provides you with a built-in Voice over IP (VoIP) service, that allows you to start 1-on-1 and group calls directly from the messenger. Thanks to the underlying Jitsi technology you will always have calls with the highest quality, catered to your bandwidth. 

HD Video Conferencing

Meet face to face – over the webcam – and save yourself the travel time. The Jitsi Videobridge ensures that calls with many participants still work with little delay or quality loss. Grape Call is built to scale.

Super Simple Screen Sharing

Need help from your team members? Stop wandering through the hallways – with the click of a button you can share your desktop, a presentation or a software screen in realtime. 

And many other features

SIP-connectors, Raising your hand during meetings, Livestreaming, Video Cowatching, Tracking Speakers Time, and much more. As we built on open source software, the features just keep on coming!

Other Features

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