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Message across all your health care tools

Grape is a proven product in the health care industry, powering insurances with millions of clients.

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Be compliant

Grape is 100% compliant with GDPR and other legislative measures. It can run in the secure-cloud or on-premises.

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Be efficient

Grape can live inside almost all health care systems, allowing for communication from your most critical tools, without creating another communication silo.

Be secure

Product your critical data and internal conversation with a proven and audit-reviewed (by SBA-Research) messenger. 

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Be informed

Broadcast any change, emergency or news to your health care employees. Provide them with the right tools to react to a fast moving environment. 


Health care is changing faster than ever - are you?

From big data disease analytics, over AI-assisted patient screening to the digitalisation of patient care. You need a communication layer that can adapt to any software you work with. We provide a unified communication solution that lives inside your patient care systems. Grape powers structured communication of hospital's health insurances.

We provide the most secure adaptable software for your communication needs. Providing you with a messenger that lives inside the tools you use everyday. You can be reachable wherever you are, accessing conversations in the desktop or mobile app.

Health insurance Leader

The preferred Health Care communication solution due to ITSV public tender. The following health insurances can receive Grape licenses from the ITSV or affiliated IT hosts.


Integrated Communication is king

Did you ever ask yourself, how to onboard your users efficiently to a new product? Adaption is one of the hardest challenges of any software rollout. Grape eliminates that issue by embedding itself into the tools your employees are using every day. This creates a frictionless rollout and a productive environment. Enabling that everybody can join the communication from wherever they are.

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Make use of your data

With its patented Grape Search Module you can add a search layer across your connected tools. This effortlessly eliminates 19% of efficiency loss, caused by browsing data across your tools.

The AI Module allows you to create intelligent summaries of all human conversation, that happened on the platform. Let your tasks, questions and ideas get documented, across all the tools you use.

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Powerful features

Communicate securely across all tools, devices and departments

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Happy customers around the globe

From patient-doctor communication, over hospitals, to health insurances providers - Grape gets more done.

Boost the health of your communication

Connect your health care tools with one communication layer and get more done

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