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Grape is a company that encourages innovation, self-improvement and happiness. Want to join us?

We're hiring!
Working at Grape?

We’re a small and agile team with a lot of individual freedom and responsibility. That’s why all Grape members have an advanced understanding of lean software development and customer driven product decisions.

You need to proactively look for things to improve Grape business- and team-wise. We are enthusiastic about free software and try to give back to the community where it makes sense. Being communicative towards the team is a necessity. We favor team members who like to publicly speak or at least blog about the topics they have an expertise in.

Why work with us?

1% better every day

We are big fans of marginal gains. That's why we invest a lot in hard (KPI based) and soft (quality of work) improvements for our team. Our culture is built around personal growth while maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Remote friendly

While we love to meet for project kickoffs and general planning, we try to condense most of it into our "Office Mondays". This allows parents, travellers and home office fans to focus on what really matters: Results.

30-hour work week

You spend the most productive time of your life at work – we aim to change this. With great processes and automation we are in the process of eliminating Wednesdays for almost all of our team members. Finally a day for grocery shopping!

Our Vienna HQ

CEO, Felix Häusler, highlights the positive aspects of working in the most liveable city in the world. And explains, why you should join the Grape team – boosting your life quality even further!
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