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Communicate across your manufacturing tools and locations

Grape consolidates your communication across all tools and makes your databases accessible wherever you are

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Be secure

Grape is compliant with the GDPR directive, any hosting requirements and checks off all security boxes.

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Be united

Boost adaption and productivity by embedding Grape in your existing tools. Your teams will thank you, as they can communicate now inside their familiar interfaces.

Be efficient

Utilise Grape's vast unique integration features, Grape Search, IoT support and AI-engine to provide your teams with a communication that follows their workflows. 

Be coordinated

Broadcast updates to your work force. Keep them informed and react quickly to any events and emergencies. Connect machines to alert users automatically.

Communication 4.0

The communication for your Industry 4.0 needs

When you think Industry 4.0 you think optimisation, big data analytics and IoT-devices. The ultimate goal is to boost productivity. But internal communication remains one of the most under-utilised areas for efficiency optimisation. With Grape, you can consolidate communication across all softwares, locations and machines.  This effortlessly increases productivity around natural conversations.

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Embedding Grape

Bring all your conversations together

Grape is different from other communication solutions. It attaches itself to your existing workflows. A sidebar chat opens in web interfaces, and works across your software landscape. Conversations get synched into one centralised desktop and mobile app. So you have the freedom to join the conversation wherever you are.

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Grape Search

Data at your fingertips

Connect all databases with Grape, to make them searchable with the click of a #-key. All mobile and desktop apps support our patented Grape Search. This allows your users to access and share their data from anywhere.

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Secure your company secrets

Run Grape on-premises or in the secure cloud. Be in control of your data and trust in software encryption. With Grape you can rely on regular whitebox and blackbox audits. These are carried out by one of the strongest security research firms in Europe. 

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Bots & Activities

Let machines join the conversation

With our conversational APIs users can get informed about the right topics at the right time. Grape provides the building blocks to let your machines talk. Be it an interface to request support or alerts and periodical updates on the status of an IoT device.

Powerful features

Communicate securely across all tools, devices and departments

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Happy customers around the globe

From patient-doctor communication, over hospitals, to health insurances providers - Grape gets more done.


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