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Public Services

Connect blue and white collar workers across all devices

Grape is a proven product in the public service industry, handling millions of transactions a day.

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Be compliant

Work with the most secure and GDPR-compliant messenger on the market. Combine usability and security to provide teams with a replacement for consumer chats.

Be efficient

Connect IoT and monitoring software to automatically trigger alerts, workflows and bot conversations. Eliminate redundant tasks by giving your machines a voice.

Be organised

Grape snaps on to any existing software. No need to learn another tool, Grape simply extends the existing interfaces with a realtime secure messenger.

Be informed

Push new informations, emergencies and requests to selected or all users via our Bot API. Reach your whole work force on their mobile devices with the click of a button.


Big cities run Grape

With almost 20.000 employees, the Vienna City Service Department has a lot of areas to cover. From energy, over transportation to parking. The world's "most liveable city" (Mercer Study, 2018) is running on thousands of perfectly oiled motors.

When you want many people to communicate effectively, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work. You need a tool that adapts to the software solutions, which run in the divisions of your organisation. Something that is so deeply integrated in your existing services that people can use effortlessly.

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Add Grape to your existing public service tools

Enrich your workplace with a messaging system that lives inside your established tools. By adding Grape to your existing tools, your rollouts are faster and your employees are more productive. Get these benefits with minimal onboarding costs.

Grape is a new kind of software. One that doesn't revise the way you work, but boosts the efficiency of your existing workflows. We reach this, with a messaging layer that consolidates your countless communication silos.

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Grape Search

Find anything

Connect your different file systems, knowledge bases, and other infos to Grape. That way they become accessible for all people from wherever they are. Once integrated, anyone with Grape on their phone or desktop computer, can hit the magic #-key to access our patented Grape Search interface. 

Meet our Grape Search

The search helps you consolidate your tools into one platform. This eliminates a huge overhead for your employees and allows them to move around your vast databases. Get Grape, create efficiency boosts and eliminate misunderstandings.

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Connect machines and tools to reduce redundancy

There are millions of little tasks in your organisation that could be automised with a few lines of code. Be it the monitoring of your servers and machines or HR workflows, like onboarding or requesting office supplies. Grape can automise many of the most challenging tasks. Tasks, like searching thought databases or machines informing humans.

Grape comes with an abundance of APIs to help you with almost anything you want to streamline.

Smart City Communication

Smart Cities are booming, can you keep up?

Fast growing cities need smart technologies to keep up with their inhabitants. From IoT devices to big data analytics. Public service providers need to react fast, to keep the lights on and the buses going. 

Grape is a messenger that can keep up with your pace. All your employees get a realtime communication device to synch up. But they are not alone. Our unique integrations allow your existing tools (from legacy to modern products) to join the conversation.

Grape can be integrated into your intranets, ERP systems, ticketing platforms, etc. It simply embeds itself as a communication sidebar. Furthermore, AI can alert your shift workers about an issue with a power plant. At other times they guide them through searches for replacement parts.


Critical infrastructure needs a straight forward security

We don't compromise on security. Everything we build is audited by SBA-Research, one of the leading software security firms in Europe. Next to code and process security we offer political security, as we are operating 100% inside the EU. We protect you from data access requests like FISA-warrents.

Grape Security details


Protecting your GDPR-compliance

Grape follows every paragraph of the General Data Protection Regulation . We provide features that allow you to quickly destroy, export or store data depending on your regulatory requirements.

GDPR breakdown

Powerful features

Communicate securely across all tools, devices and departments

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Happy customers around the globe

From patient-doctor communication, over hospitals, to health insurances providers - Grape gets more done.

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Implement the most secure and best integrated workflow messenger in the market

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