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Security Overview

As a European company, the privacy and security of your enterprise is our #1 priority

Grape is safer by design

Get the best product with the highest security standards. Outside the US FISA warrant territory and used by some of the biggest critical infrastructure companies.

(Last white-box test: Feb 2019)

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Secure Processes

Our internal coding and security standards have been proven by excellent external and customer reviews. From secure offices, over access logging to extensive employee background checks.

Network Security

Communication between clients and servers are always encrypted with 256-bit TLS. Prevention of downgrade attacks. Best-practice hardening concepts are continuously applied on our cloud infrastructure.

Encryption at rest

All systems are encrypted on Harddrive and database level. The keys are stored on the application side and unretrievable via DB or Admin-Interface.

Political Security

Grape is immune to US data enquiries through the Patriot-, Freedom- or Cloud Act. With this European enterprise messenger you are save from these warrants, no matter if you use our cloud or server version.

SBA Reasearch

Powerful Security Partner

SBA Research collaborates with renowned national and international partners to enhancecyber security. From consortiums like W3C over threat scenario research to trainings for various countries.
Some of SBA's partners are invested in Grape. We are happy to have someone on board that can dedicate some of the most experienced researchers to work on our – and consequently your – security.

Penetration Tests

White Box Penetration Tests by external partners and security training for our team to learn about new attacks and risks.

On top of the game

We monitor all libraries, used by third parties and our own infrastructure. On-Premises admins receive critical patches within 48h.

E2E Encrypted Groups

On-demand E2E-module to create Encrypted messaging groups with perfect forward secrecy. 

Euro-Cloud capability

Utilize the Grape cloud and run your system at one of our vendors or in one of our datacenters in Germany or Austria.

Get the security deck

What, why and how we do it.

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