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Your business, your server.

Secure chat, video and voice communication –
hosted on your premises and the way you want it.

Server (S50) Cluster (S100)

Hosted with Docker (S50) or in a high-available Kubernetes Cluster (S100).

Trusted by smart enterprises around the world

Server Plans

S20 (Open Source)

Coming Soon!

The free community version of Grape - On-Premises-friendly, fast and Open Source
S50 (Server)
Per user, per month

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On-Premises solution for enterprises with features like AD/SSO
S100 (Server Cluster)
Per user, per month

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Critical Infrastructure Solution with High Availability and Monitoring environments
Deployment (only Server)
Kubernetes Cluster
Monitoring Framework
Multi-Location High Availability
Docker Deployment
User Features
Grape Chat One-on-one and group messaging, file sharing and search Up to 200 Users Up to 5000 Users
Mobile Apps Download Android, iOS Android, iOS Android, iOS
Desktop Apps Download Web, Mac and Windows Web, Mac and Windows Web, Mac and Windows
Multilingual Interface
German, English German, English
Advanced Channels Pinning, broadcasting, etc.
Video & Voice Calls as module
Emojis and GIFs
AI Engine (NLP) Built-in Natural Language Processing
as module
Embed Chat
as module
Application API
Server API
Grape Search
External Search External Search & Elastic Index
Activity Integrations
White label (Branding)
SAML 2.0 / SSO
LDAP / Active Directory
Multifactor Authentication
Customizable User Permission
User Statistics
Invite via
Mail Mail/AD
Guest Limit
2 Guests per user account
Email Response Time
2 work days 1 work day
Support Preference
as module
Assisted Migrations
Online Ticket Support

“Previously we had mail, our intranet and calling, now everything happens in one place.”

Walter Longauer
Graphics Leader, Austrian Press Agency

"Grape has become a production-critical software solution that is being used globally"

Christian Wolf
Team Lead Information & Management Applications, NOVOMATIC

"Grape significantly increases the efficiency of our factory workers"

Michaela Killian
Data Scientist, Wien Energie

Frequently Asked Questions

As a European company we make privacy and security our #1 priority. We’ve taken measures to make sure no one outside of your team can access your chats and files. All chat communication is done over an SSL encrypted connection — the same technology used by online retailers and banks.

It’s simple: you’ll create a Grape account and add as many users as you’d like. You’ll have unlimited access to all of Grape’s features. After 30 days, we’ll ask you for your credit card information, and you’ll be billed according to your plan moving forward. Alternatively, you can get in touch for an Enterprise plan and company-wide licence.

Yes! Grape is pay-as-you-go, and you can easily add or remove users from your account with a couple of clicks.

You sure can. You can have as many companies and/or team domains as you’d like in your Grape account, and you can create separate mailboxes for them.

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Enterprise customers receive custom invoices.

Grape is designed to work flawlessly with all new browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11 and Edge). It also features a native macOS and Windows app, as well as native apps for Android and iPhones.

Yes. Once you cancel your account, you’ll be responsible for charges incurred for that billing period, but you won’t be charged again.

The current requirements for Grape can be found in our server documentation.

Yes it does!

Still have questions? Browse our Knowledge Base!

Supported Onboarding

We can assist you with workshops, info material, webinars, in-house training and 24/7 support channels. Additionally you get the best messaging guidebook on earth: The Grape Cookbook

Any more questions?

Head over to our new support homepage and ask your question right away, by clicking the contact box in the bottom-right corner.

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