• Grape App on your smartphone (Android)
    1. Hold your finger on the app icon, until the menue opens
    2. Choose App Info and find your Grape version
  • Grape App on your smartphone (iOS)
    1. Go to your App Store 
    2. Find in Installed Apps your Grape Version
  • Grape App on your desktop (similiar for Window and macOS)
    1. Click in the chat on Settings 
    2. Choose in the right sidebar Grape - About and find here your Grape Version (Note: This function is currently not shown)
  • Grape usage in the browser
    1. Type https://<Ihre Grape URL</debug/status
    2. The information on this page will look similar to those in the picture below
    3. You find your version at either onpremises or current branch / release
    4. To see this page you need to be an admin